At Sever’s Fall Festival, we welcome groups of all sizes, but if you’re looking to host a gathering of 25 or more, we offer a range of options to help accommodate your crew. Explore our offerings below, and if you have any questions or concerns, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and a member of our team will get in touch to help.


  • $16 per person when purchasing online OR $20 per person at the door.
    25 person minimum
    (age 4+; no prepayment required)

  • No cancellation fees
    (24-hr notice appreciated)

  • Group tents available to reserve
    (30-35 people)



Group members pay individually for their tickets

  • Group organizer makes a reservation via the contact form and we generate a specific coupon code to share with your guests for $3 off admission.
  • Guests order tickets online and use their specific coupon code for $3 off each ticket. They’ll bring their QR code via their smart device or print it for entry to the grounds.


Group pays for group members’ tickets

Groups that would like to pay for the entire group require a reservation and can choose one of two ways to handle ticketing.

1. Group arrives together

  • Group members arrive at the same time and purchase all tickets together online under the group rate.
  • This is the simplest option if you know everyone will be arriving at the same time and you’d like to pay on-site.

2. Group arrives separately

  • Group members that will be arriving at various times throughout a certain day require a pre-made ticket OR can create a unique promo code for their guests as described in OPTION 1, though it would be for 100% of the ticket purchase price.
  • If creating a ticket, group organizers will need to have the date of arrival, their group name, and Sever’s Fall Festival on the ticket. We can also provide a template via email.
  • Group organizers can distribute tickets prior to the event or set up a small group ticket pick-up area outside our gate (no tables or chairs provided, unfortunately).
  • Festival staff will collect the tickets and tally them after the event; group organizers will be billed accordingly. If using a unique promo code for guests to check out online, we will bill you based on how many QR codes were scanned.
  • Groups that would like to offer their members entry at any time throughout the season can also use this option. We will keep a tally of all visits and bill accordingly once the festival closes.


Group pays for group members’ tickets as well as food and additional-cost attractions

Groups that would like to pay for their group members’ entry as well as food, beverages and additional-cost attractions can follow Option 2 (A or B) and then add on Sever’s Corn Bucks. This allows you to offer an all-inclusive experience that covers meals. Sever’s does not offer any individualized catering of food, but we can organize coffee, cider or cocoa stations, if desired.

About Sever’s Corn Bucks

  • Purchased dollar for dollar; valid anywhere on festival grounds
  • As part of the reservation process, group organizers set the amount of Corn Bucks they’d like to offer their members
  • Group organizers can hand out Corn Bucks, or our staff can distribute them at the gate when members present their tickets
  • If your group has leftover Corn Bucks, you can return them to our Information Tent prior to the festival daily closing time to avoid being billed for that amount
  • The total amount of Sever’s Corn Bucks spent will be added to your final invoice


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