Sever's 2021 Corn Maze Challenge | Sever's Festivals
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2022 corn maze challenge

It’s time to harvest the crops, and, as usual, everyone at Peterson Farms is hard at work! This year’s corn maze features fun facts about farming and harvesting on 26 signs labeled A to Z. Some of the signs feature Peterson Farm harvesting facts along with pictures from over the years––and your job is to find all six signs!

Explore the corn maze, reading the harvest facts on the A-to-Z signs. When you see a sign that contains a fact about Peterson Farms, circle that letter on your map.

When you are finished, complete the form below to submit your challenge entry. Each correct entry will be eligible for our grand prize drawing of $500 at the end of the season.

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Select the letters of the signs on which you saw photos of Peterson Farms.


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